We specialize in providing auto liability, motor truck cargo, and auto physical damage insurance to trucking companies throughout Texas and the Southwest.

A loss in the trucking industry can be devastating, particularly if other parties are involved. Bodily injury claims in Texas have historically been some of the largest in the nation. We strive to go above and beyond in protecting our insured from such claims through loss control, driver education, and a number of other programs included with our commercial trucking coverage.

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What is Auto Liability insurance?

Auto liability insurance consists of two parts that are always included in every policy: property damage coverage and bodily injury coverage.

Bodily injury coverage protects the insured in the event that they cause an accident that injures or kills another person. The coverage will pay cover their hospital and medical bills, rehabilitation, and more up to the limits that your policy specifies.

Property damage coverage will cover at fault damage to another person's property such as a damaged vehicle or struck lamp post. We provide coverage for the hauling of auto parts, refrigerated cargo, general dry freight, and much more. There is some cargo we do not cover such as hazardous material.

Who needs auto liability insurance?

In almost all situations, auto liability insurance is required to operate any motor vehicle. For-hire truckers will not be able to obtain a filing without having auto liability insurance.


What is Cargo Insurance?

Cargo Insurance or Motor Truck Cargo (MTC) is a commonly used term for motor truck legal liability insurance. This coverage is designed to protect from losses to cargo arising while it is in your care. Cargo is the responsibility of carriers from the time it is taken into their possession until it has reached its destination and has been signed for.

Our policies will cover the carrier for any cause of loss or peril not specifically excluded in the policy. We provide coverage for the hauling of auto parts, refrigerated cargo, general dry freight, and much more. There is some cargo we do not cover such as hazardous material. With just a few questions an experienced Licona agent can help you find out if the motor truck cargo insurance that best fits your needs.

Who needs cargo insurance?

The number of shippers requiring carriers to carry cargo insurance increases every day as companies seek to manage risk to their cargo in transit. If you are established you likely already have clients that require you to carry this coverage. If you are a new venture, you will likely soon find yourself shopping for this coverage. Show your customers you're prepared by preemptively covering this risk.


What is Auto Physical Damage insurance?

Physical damage insurance protects your financial interests in the event of an overturn, collision with an object, or accident involving another vehicle. The term is used to cover collision insurance as well as full comprehensive insurance.

Who needs Auto Physical Damage coverage?

If you are paying off your vehicle, then it is required in almost all instances that you carry Auto Physical Damage coverage until the vehicle is paid off.

Many carriers opt to continue carrying auto physical damage on their trucks even after they've completed payments for the added peace of mind of the additional protection.


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